Personal readings with Karen

Reading tarot is such a wonderful experience, not just for the client, but also for the tarot reader. As a reader who has worked interpreting cards for over 20 years, I truly enjoy the special way I can help others navigate their path in life.

That being said, I have spent a lot of time this summer thinking about how to balance my personal life (mom of two, wife, stepmom) with my hobbies (gardening, refinishing furniture, raising chickens and ducks, stopping into WBPM to cohost a morning show with my friend Bob Miller, and teaching my first “Tarot 101” class this fall) with my responsibilities (full time job fundraising for a great charity) with my health (exercise, meditation, running, yoga).   Sadly on the long list of things that take priority in my life, tarot falls far to the bottom.

For this reason I have decided that it is necessary for me to limit my availability to do readings. Not only is it better for me to try and cut back on this for now – but it’s good for my clients, as when I am rushed or harried or distracted, it is impossible to give a quality reading.

So I made the difficult decision to cut back. I pre-apologize to the listeners who tune in to the show on Tuesday mornings who would like a more in-depth conversation about their future.

That being said, there are still some options for anyone who is looking for a loving guide and empath to work with them…

I am going to try and find availability at least once a month to schedule readings. These will either be at my Fishkill home or at an event, most likely in the Southern Dutchess area which is close to where I live. My availability will be publicized on this website.

Another option is Lynette, who is the only tarot reader in the Hudson Valley who I personally endorse and recommend. Lynette and I have worked together for many years, and she has her own very dedicated following. Lynette is available for readings over the phone, and she is especially wonderful at tarot parties. If you are looking to connect with a terrific tarot reader I would encourage you to reach out to Lynette; you will be glad you did.


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