3Karen picked up her first deck of Tarot cards when she was seventeen years old. It is this same deck that she uses, over twenty years later, when she sits with you to read your cards. Karen started reading Tarot for herself, then read for friends, then participated in a few charity events, and now she reads regularly for clients throughout the Hudson Valley. Karen can be heard every Tuesday morning from 8am-9am on the Miller in the Morning show at – 92.9 FM.

Karen believes that we are all connected together in some way, and when you sit together you will share a mutually enriching experience.


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14212119_1087527554656843_8934018775454285753_nLynette is a Reiki Master and Ordained Minister since 2006. Lynette is a single mother who truly wants to help others and make a positive impact in the world. She utilizes stones, crystals, and color therapy in her daily life to accompany her on her journey.  Lynette has always been interested in the Tarot in one way or another.

“Since ancient times, people have been searching for answers to life’s questions and I have found that reading tarot for clients is a great (and enjoyable!) way to gain guidance.  Reading Tarot has enabled me to interact with people from all walks of life, to help others, and to maintain balance in my personal life by doing something I enjoy – giving back to others in a loving and unique way”

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