2019 Tarot Diva Psychic Fair, Kingston

The Tarot Diva Psychic Fair is a gathering of the most talented readers in the Hudson Valley. We will be joined by numerologists, astrologists, runes readers, tarot card readers, and many other individuals from an amazing depth of skill in healing and divination.
The festival will be held at the Marriott Residence Inn, Kingston on Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and 9, 2019 from 12pm-5pm. All readings are $30, pre-booking is advised.



imag003 (1)Numerology with Lois T. Martin of “Number’s Up!”:
Lois has been featured on cable/television shows; web cam projects, live & internet radio Blog Talk Radio, plus has enjoyed the induction to the VERY prestigious Association Internationale de Numerologies in the United Kingdom, and as a personal consultant for many years, being one of the first Americans invited! Also featured many times on/with the Infamous John Edward, his show Infinite Quest, featured tutorials on Numerology, including Intuitive readings. Purchase your reading with Lois on Saturday June 8 HERE.

50042772_243060299927546_4296598730737451008_nAngel Readings with George Koury:
​George Koury is an International Psychic Medium and Angel Messenger. He had a powerful mystical experience at 5 years of age with a visitation from an Angel. From that first moment George had an unfolding of psychic and mediumistic abilities.  His first tutor was his maternal Grandmother, a gifted Medium. He conducts Mediumship demonstrations across the US and in England. He is a frequent guest instructor and Medium at Lily Dale, NY where he does demonstrations at their Spiritual services.  He writes extensively on spiritual topics and is a contributor to such publications as the British magazine, “3rd I”. Purchase your reading with George on Saturday June 8 HERE. Purchase your reading with George on Sunday June 9 HERE.

12494761_10206435407823528_4106633851347693790_nIntuitive Readings  with JoAnna Garfi McNally:
JoAnna has known of her gift since childhood she never takes it for granted. JoAnna is a straight forward inspirational reader and a psychic/Spirit Communicator, Light Energy Worker and uses a crystal to channel information from your guides and tunes into your voice energy to help you through your goals in life to move forward. JoAnna has been on radio and is a Co-anchor of Blogtalkradio, TV Talk Shows, has helped Police Departments to solve crimes and Lectured Internationally and Nationally. She has been written about in books, interviewed in Newspapers and writes Articles for various publications. Purchase your ticket for a reading with JoAnna on Saturday June 8 HERE.

164309_177813508922537_1915379_nPast Life Regression and Spiritual Channeling with Valerie Stiehl:
Valerie Stiehl is a teacher, a healer and a spiritual guide who specializes in past life regression, Native American Spirituality and spiritual channeling. She has conducted workshops and authored a book “Spirit Speaks. Are You Listening?” and has taught at Lillydale, Wainwright House, Mirabai and various other venues. She has taught meditation on the radio in Westchester, NY.  Purchase your tickets for a conversation with Valerie on SATURDAY JUNE 8.  Purchase your tickets for a conversation with Valerie on SUNDAY JUNE 9.

12038412_10153015920966205_3943507252452242435_nAstrologer & Psychic Intuitive Marian Tortorella
Marian Tortorella is an Astrologer and Psychic Intuitive that has read tens of thousands of Horoscopes over the last 42 years with a repeat global clientele. She was originally taught calculating horoscopes using logarithms by hand without the use of a computer and gives readings for corporate, charity and private events. Marian is a published Astrological Researcher, a Musician and has recently published her own CD of Astrological Sun Sign Affirmations to Dulcimer and Synthesizer which will be available at the event. She merges her spiritual knowledge and studies into ONE, with Astrology as it’s pivotal point in her amazingly accurate readings! Book your time with Marian on Saturday June 8.

15895013_10212338118593613_3580784399822665559_nPsychic Medium Sharon St. Clair
Sharon is a lifelong psychic medium who gives accurate clairvoyant readings through a variety of techniques. She is a professional consultant who studied mediumship and became certified from the BMI Institute in Sarasota Florida several years ago..Sharon uses her Intuition,Angel guidance, and “Tunes in” to offer guidance to all of her clients, I live  LOA and manifest daily assisting others move in a positive direction.  Always researching, reading, and empowering is who I am.  Preparation for a reading; Think  of specific questions, aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance and ask loved ones in Spirit to join us in session! Book your time with Sharon on Saturday June 8.

60633Psychic Medium Jessica Kolner
Since she was a child, Jessica has been in tune with her psychic/intuitive abilities. She now uses these skills to connect with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed to relay messages. Jessica ends each reading with an intuitive tarot spread to highlight the overall message of the reading. Jessica’s readings are filled with love and laughter and gentle guidance from a higher power.  Purchase your reading with Jessica on Sunday June 9 HERE.


FB_IMG_1538970712640.jpgRoland BuddhaHawk of BuddhaHawk Healing.
Roland is a Purification Energy Healer who serves as a channel of pure love for the highest good of the individual and is beloved by his clients and peers for his purity of heart and commitment to the greater purpose of this human experience. Roland has been a natural healer all of his life and finds deep fulfillment in helping as many people as he can with his divine natural essence of purification and healing. Purchase your conversation with Roland for Sunday June 9 HERE.

IMG_1829Lorry Saluzzi Sensei
Lorry has been a Master Healer Psychic since 1990.  Lorry is a Reiki Therapist & is certified by the National Board. She uses sound healing & MPS Therapy with her psychic healing sessions. She teaches psychic development & reiki at SUNY Ulster Annex in Kingston.  Lorry founded Volcano Reiki in 2018, www.reikimastersensei.com.  Find her in the book,”Top 50 Psychics 2016.” Purchase your session with Lorry for Saturday June 8 HERE.


Psychic Drawings with Judi With 30 years experience as a clairvoyant, psychic and channeler of wisdom of the ancients, Judi Jarvis is a natural mystic. Psychic drawings can assist with healing, love, understanding, comfort and more. Through her drawings one can learn where they are in the ongoing process of life changes.

11141268_10204211792157383_4186126454142922718_oAutomatic writing with Veronica Kniffen. During her sessions, Veronica uses the assistance of pendulums and automatic writing to portray messages from those who have passed on. At times she enters a semi-trance state, and is guided to write messages from the other side. Often, during a reading, she sees events that have occurred in the past. Purchase your reading with Veronica for Sunday June 9 HERE.

IMG_4363Athena Silver comes from a long line of Seers, Intuitives, Dreamers and Psychics. She practices many forms of divination such as reading Tarot, channeling spirits and mediumship readings. Athena has studied both ancient and contemporary spirituality and offers spiritual guidance and advice. If you are looking for answers to life’s problems or would like to try and reach out to a loved one on the other side, Athena may be able to help you on your journey. Purchase your session for Saturday June 8 here. Purchase your session for Sunday June 9 here.

727577bdf1b323bd522748634eef517fMedical Intuitive Readings with Lorraine E. Cucci. Lorraine is an RN, Certified Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master practitioner/teacher, Medical Intuitive and Integrative Healthcare practitioner. As a nurse for almost 40 years, Lorraine possesses a broad clinical knowledge that emphasizes her holistic approaches to health and wellness. As a Medical Intuitive practitioner, Lorraine’s energy healing consists of treatment techniques that address the root cause of your ailment and assist in releasing the blockages that get in the way – those in our bodies contained in our chakras and auric fields (energy center). She will scan your body in order to assist you in discovering the source of your illness. When the blockages are identified and as you focus on their release, you can begin to feel a profound movement of energy and flow throughout your entire being. Book your medical intuitive reading for Sunday June 9 HERE.

51121384_10157153198077658_328595505296703488_n.jpgJennifer Zara Starchild
Purchase your spot with Jennifer on Sunday, June 9, HERE.